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Just about 6 months

Life is good. And full.

no news is news

I still read all your journals most days, I just have time for nothing other than babies at the moment. And that's pretty good. I am tired, overwhelmed, but happy. Life is good and it's nothing like what I expected. Ruby is now 10 weeks, which is ridiculous. We're trying to work out whether I will actually go back to work or stay home and work on Georgie Love. Which is going great guns and looks completely different to how it did when it started...

I'm nearly 39 weeks pregnant. Baby could come at any time now. Fingers crossed for sooner, rather than later. Pregnancy, not nearly as fun or sexy as Angelina Jolie makes out.

Life / Love / Me / Him / Dog otherwise very, very well and happy. This has otherwise been keeping me seriously busy. Just relaunched with new design and it's awesome. I feel like I am having two babies.

I nap at 2:00pm every afternoon, like a Nanna.
I would write more if I had more to say... Life is a pleasurable mess of belly, work, big love and tiredness. Pregnancy is fairly textbook - have had no complications or any issues whatsoever apart from being uncomfortable in bed and a bit of ligament pain. Not much to complain about, but Dr-Mr still gets to hear all about it anyway. Sleeping about 3-4 hours a night, coping ok.

I am completely roundy now.

And still spending all my weekends with my loopy dog and my lovely man.

So little news. I am 30.5 weeks and hard to believe that in about 10 we will be meeting this little being we created together. It's forced me to get my shit together very quickly. So I don't post because I am blissfully dull and domestic. Friends have changed, life has changed, I am mellow and living like a hillbilly. All is good for me and I hope for you too.

Jun. 17th, 2008

Ultrasound says: "baby perfect. It's a girl". Just another 19 or so weeks of baking and she's done.
news: Am still pregnant, it's 18.5 weeks now which means very nearly HALF WAY. I get these little bubble pop kicks now and then, but STILL, I wonder when I will feel properly pregnant. Am starting to show, but mostly I think it looks like I ate too many pies. Mmmm... pies. We find out the gender in 2 weeks and I am impatient for it NOW.

Baby news fills most of the days. Everything else still busy, life is good. There is good things in my life and I am officially a content person. Not a dig my nails into my skin with secrets person. I still have creativity, but it had to find a way to spill out other than discontent.
Just so you know, I am just about 12 weeks pregnant. It is very, very happy times for us. All tests are good, everyone healthy, blah, blah, blah.

Doesn't feel quite real - I don't look any different (except good lord, my chest), been very fortunate not to have any morning sickness, although the first trimester tiredness has been a chore, starting to come out of it though. Baby-Professor-Cake is due to join the family 8 November.

I live in a little village about 50kms out of Melbourne (house and local photos are available in my other blog). It's fairly lovely, but I have discovered a disturbing trend. We have a local supermarket, bakery, etc... etc... etc... and the problem is: all the girls who work in the local shops are ridiculously good looking, in a fresh faced and natural way. See, the problem is: they are ALL striking, there must be 15-20 different girls, so either:

a) Country air does people good (the problem with this theory is that the older people who live in the air are actually remarkably unattractive)

b) I am now of an age where all young people look ridiculously attractive to me.

I am not sure where I am sitting with this one. I want to take secret photos of them all with my camera phone to prove my point to you, but that leads more to theory B and in saying that - I am now a dirty old man who takes photos of young girls for his own personal use.